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PARENTING :: Mama Evening Routine

A little tag on to my post yesterday on my mama morning routine. I didn’t want to leave you hanging with JUST my morning routine! Here’s a printable for my evening rhythms as well.

I’ve found that a little bit of prep work before I head to bed sets us up for a much more successful morning flow. To see my rhythms in action, check my Instagram story highlight here!

I do want to note that my evening flow is just my list of tasks to complete. My children (as of now are 5, 3 and 1) have a separate evening routine they adhere to. Most of my evening rhythms take place after they’re all in bed.

IF YOU HAVEN’T YET get your kids on an evening schedule! Don’t know where to start? Here’s my free printable for your kiddo’s simple evening routine! A week or two of consistency with them, and they’ll be (mostly) independent in their evening tasks. At 5 and 3, both my girls do their whole evening routine solo. Nothing’s ever perfect, but in the name of parenting, is ANYTHING ever perfect?

It is so nice to complete my evening tidy of our main living areas while they’re getting ready for bed independently. And this also means that as soon as I walk out of their rooms from tucking them in, I can sit down and relax! No dishes in the sink. No toys scattered about to pick up. It’s all been done.

Mamas, we deserve this peace. YOU deserve this peace!

So here’s the printable for my evening routine. And remember, like I said in yesterday’s post, this rhythm is set for me to ease my morning flow. And it’s also set so that if chaos does hit our house for whatever reason, our home is afloat and prepared to weather the storm.



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