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PARENTING :: Mama Morning Routine

I love Love LOVED sharing my morning rhythms with you guys last week (find my Instagram story highlight here!). And I think I LOVED even more how many of you asked for a printable! So I whipped one up and it’s here on the blog today for Thursday Thoughts.

Now before you jump in to printing and achieving (because you WILL achieve!). I want to give a simple disclaimer!

This is a routine (or rhythm) of how I try to run my mornings. Key word TRY. Things happen. Life happens. Husbands happen. Kids happen. So remind yourself this when going about your day. Give yourself GRACE + SPACE to achieve a successful morning routine. And don’t knock yourself down if you don’t put on make up, or do laundry, for the fourth day in a row!

Why have a morning routine?

I love building structure and rhythm into my life to simplify it. And I love even more to take breaks from it when life gets crazy. Keeping up with my rhythms regularly is what allows me to give myself so much grace when life takes hold, and my routines get put on the back burner.

Major perk of this all is, my house is NEVER falling apart. Because even if I take a day (Or two. Or THREE.) to slack, all the previous days of keeping up with the maintenance of my home means we stay afloat. And I’m not super overwhelmed when I do finally decide to return to my rhythms and routines.

Here’s the free printable for you to start your own morning rhythm. Never skip the first and last step! These are steps that you DESERVE! And I super suggest you head here to download my printables for kiddos. Building their morning + evening independence will totally help you achieve your own rhythm goals that much more!



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